The Real Deal on Nesting—How Not To Suck At Divorce

Episode 62: With Author, Beth Behrendt

This Podcast Episode was originally published April 27, 2023

Episode Description

What is Nesting??

Nesting is when a divorced couple with children keep the children in the family home, or “nest”, and the divorced parents spend their parenting time in the “nest” and their non parenting time outside of the “nest”.

The pros and cons to this lifestyle are varied, and that’s exactly why we brought on Beth Behrendt, who’s “nested” for many years and even wrote a book documenting not only her experience, but the experience of five other families.

Listen to this episode to hear Morgan’s legal questions regarding the topic and Andrea’s slighty taboo questions on the sticky side of “nesting”.

This episode will open your eyes to a completley different approach to living with your children post divorce. This lifestyle is NOT for everyone. Please consult your attorney and therapist before venturing down the nesting road.

To get your hands on a copy of Beth’s book, Nesting After Divorce, head Here.

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