The Good Divorce Podcast – Episode 006 – Beth Behrendt

Episode 006 – Beth Behrendt (The Good Divorce Podcast by Tom Kendrick)

Beth Behrendt is mother of three, a freelance writer, and the founder of Before pursuing a writing career she was a research librarian in Washington, DC.

She now lives in her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she and her ex-husband have been nesting with their three children since 2014. Their oldest is now in college, the middle in high school, and the youngest in middle school. They intend to continue nesting until the youngest goes to college.

She has shared the story of her family’s nesting co-parenting in The New York Times, Psychology Today, and other publications and websites. She regularly writes for Divorce Magazine on the topic of nesting and has been a guest on the Divorcing Well; Divorce & Beyond; and Thank You, Heartbreak podcasts.

Beth and her ex-husband, Bill, appeared on Good Morning America in June 2019 as part of its series on marriage and divorce. She is currently writing a step-by-step guidebook to share the stories of her family and other nesting families, and to help other parents make nesting work for them. It will be published by Union Square & Company in Spring 2023.

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A place for people to share their stories of divorce and how they made it a good divorce from the start, or turned it into a good divorce through the process. Together we can find and live the good in a tough situation.

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