The Divorce and Beyond Podcast: Episode 135

A View From the Nest: The Surprising Upsides of a Birdnesting Custody Arrangement with Beth Behrendt

In this episode, Susan Guthrie speaks with Beth Behrendt, a divorced mother to three boys who has successfully followed a nesting custody arrangement with her ex for six years about how the arrangement has helped to make her restructured family stronger than ever!

When parents are facing separation and/or divorce, they often assume that establishing two separate households that their children will move between is a pre-ordained conclusion.

When parents are facing separation and/or divorce, they often assume that establishing two separate households that their children will move between is a pre-ordained conclusion. But what if that isn’t the case? What if your children’s lives could continue almost without change, and the parents could be the ones to make the move? That is “birdnesting” and for guest, Beth Behrendt and her family, the arrangement has been the key to their success as a new type of family following the divorce six years ago! Amazingly, Beth’s three boys have never left their family home as Beth and her ex have moved in and out of the home to parent them. Along the way, Beth has discovered that there are several upsides beyond the lack of disruption to her children’s lives that come from the nesting arrangement that make it even more appealing. She shares all of these upsides, and some of the downsides to be aware of, in this eye-opening episode!

More about this week’s Special Guest: Beth Behrendt is a freelance writer and mom to three boys and has been nesting with her ex for almost six years. Since the couple first separated, their sons have never left the family home — Bill and Beth take turns moving in and out to parent them. Nesting has made them a stronger, happier family than ever before.

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